Preventing Rat Entry: Sealing Off Potential Points Of Entry In Your Home Or Business

Many creatures find refuge in drains, but in urban places like Southampton and Portsmouth, and we frequently get calls to remove rats that have found their way into homes through the pipes. Rats thrive in drains because of the abundance of food and water they may get from human waste. Check out our best advice for getting rid of rats in your drains if you want to stop rats from entering your building or showing up in your bathroom.

Be Sure To Inspect Potential Rat Entry Holes

Doing a complete perimeter walkaround of your house is the greatest way to identify any potential rat entry points. Pay close attention to the following areas during your property inspection to help prevent rat infestations:

If You Notice Any Of The Following

Look around the inside and outside of your home for any possible entryways. If you find any little cracks, caulk them up. Then, you can cover off the bigger openings with a mixture of steel wool and waterproof sealant.

·        Air Ducts And Vents

Even though vents play an important role in your HVAC system, they can also serve as a passageway for pests. Please verify that the metal screening covering your vents is secure and that all holes and cracks around it have been properly sealed.

·        Unsanitary Chimneys

Rats will enter a dirty chimney for the same reasons they will enter your home. Please ensure no rat nests in your chimney by having it cleaned routinely, and protect the hole with a grate or cap. Small holes bored for wiring; ensure adequate clearance around points of entry for electrical cables.

Methods For Preventing Rats From Entering Drains

Rats in the sewers are unfortunate, especially in the South Coast’s densely populated cities. Pipes that need to be properly maintained become corroded, fractured, or eroded due to water and waste, leading to several problems.

As a result of their flexible vertebrae, rats can infiltrate our homes through the drainage system. Rats are not just agile climbers but also little contortionists, making them seriously threatening your plumbing.

When you consider that rats are also excellent swimmers, you can understand why they would cause so much trouble in your plumbing system, especially since they can easily navigate the U-bend.

How To Block Rats From Entering

Depending on the location, there are a variety of methods how to stop rats climbing drain pipes. New weatherstripping, for instance, can be used to cover spaces under doors, although caulking is more effective for producing an airtight seal in wall crevices. Since rats can’t gnaw through steel wool, it can be used to keep holes open for wiring.

You should still seal any possible access points for mice, even if you know the rats are only using a single hole. If you don’t, the rats will find other ways into your house. Eliminating food and water sources and setting traps are the first steps to take when dealing with an infestation.

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