A Complete Guide To Drain Lining

Repairing a drain is a complicated and expensive activity. It requires significant effort if the drain’s damage is significantly down the ground. Repairing a drain lining can also depend on the location, size, and type of material used. On the other hand, blocked drains maidstone can also be costly to treat. It is a situation where a drain in the Maidstone area is clogged, preventing water from flowing correctly or entirely.

Meaning In-Depth

Drain lining is a method of repairing damaged or deteriorated drain pipes without excavation. It involves inserting a liner, which is typically made of a flexible material such as PVC or felt, into the damaged line. The liner is coated with a resin that hardens and cures when exposed to UV light or heat. Once the wax has set, the liner forms a new, seamless pipe within the existing one, effectively repairing the damage and restoring the pipe’s structural integrity. It is a relatively quick and non-invasive method of repair. It can fix various issues, including cracks, holes, and corrosion, without needing costly excavation or landscaping disruption.

The Procedure

The process involves the following main steps:

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Measuring
  • Insertion
  • Inflation
  • Resin Application
  • Quality Check

It starts with a professional plumber who uses a CCTV camera to inspect the damaged drain pipe’s interior, assess the damage’s extent, and determine the best course of action. Then the tube is cleaned to remove debris, grease, and any other blockages before the lining process. The technician measures the length of the pipe that needs to be lined and cuts the liner to the appropriate size. The liner is inserted into the damaged pipe through a small access point. The liner is then inflated, using air or water pressure, to press it against the pipe’s walls and shape it to the correct form. The liner is coated with a special resin and cured using UV light or heat to harden the material and create a new, seamless pipe within the old one. Once the wax has cured, the plumber or drain contractor will use the CCTV camera to inspect the newly lined pipe to ensure that it is free of defects and works appropriately.

Patch Lining

Patch lining is a method of drain repair similar to traditional drain lining but is used to repair specific, localized areas of damage rather than the entire pipe. In this method, a small patch of liner material is cut to size and inserted into the damaged area of the line rather than the whole length. The patch is then coated with resin and cured to create a new, seamless repair within the existing pipe.


The above article shares details of drain lining with its meaning, explanation of the process, and patch lining. All the steps and necessary factors to consider have been added above. It also explains the difference between traditional and patch lining and the similarities at the end.

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