Net Curtains Online – All You Need to Know Before You Order

Not only do net curtains make your rooms more elegant and stylish, but they also provide the privacy every home needs. If you’re looking for net curtains online, you’ll soon discover that there is more to them than meets the eye.

This post provides all the information you need to choose the best net curtains for your home. You will learn the difference between net curtains and voiles and get to know different fabric options. The information on ready-made and made-to-measure curtains will help you to choose the best net curtains for your home. Plus, you’ll learn about tie blinds, string curtains, café nets, and more besides.

What Is the Difference Between Net Curtains and Voiles?

The core difference between voiles and net curtains lies with the fabric. While voiles are mostly polyester, net curtains come with a woven or knitted pattern traditionally made of materials like cotton. Net curtains are available with beautiful embellishments like floral patterns and intricate designs. For the most part, however, they only come in cream or white. Because of the rough woven texture, net curtains hold dust and dirt. But thanks to their robust nature, you can wash them frequently without worrying about them losing shape.

Voiles are available in different weights. It’s best to make a choice according to your privacy needs. Unlike net curtains, they come in many colours and print variations. Voile manufacturers add a water-resistant and dust-repelling layer.

When it comes to design choice, voiles are more suitable for minimalistic, modern homes, whereas a stunning floral net curtain is perfect for a country cottage or traditional architectural design.

What Are String Curtains, Tie Blinds, and Cafe Nets?

Here is a quick overview for you:

  • String curtains: Hundreds of strings, bead chains, or colourful woven threads combine into a dividing curtain. A rod or webbing material at the top holds the strings together. For a more elegant look, choose extra-long string drapes.
  • Tie blinds: You can pull tie blinds up on two ribbons or strings to create an elegant window dressing and adjust how much light you want to allow in.
  • Cafe Nets: Choose cafe nets if you want pretty windows but prefer shorter curtains. They are super versatile and available in many designs and lengths.

What Are Window Sets, Jardiniers, and Lace Blinds?

Go boutique with the following net or voile curtain types:

  • Window sets: Window sets feature tie-backs and a window valance to conceal the top of the curtain. They create a romantic, fairy tale look.
  • Jardiniers: Available in voile and net, jardinieres are shaped like an arch, meaning the centre part of the curtain is shorter.
  • Lace blinds: Lace blinds feature stylish patterns and embroidery to provide additional concealment.

What Fabric and Colour Options Are Available?

Cotton, silk, or wool are the fabrics of traditional net curtains. Nowadays, net curtains and voiles mostly come in polyester, making them robust and versatile. At the same time, polyester still delivers the finesse of silk without the price tag. Ask for a fabric sample before buying net curtains online.

Ready-Made or Made-to-Measure?

If the price isn’t an issue, made-to-measure net curtains are the better choice. You can specify all the details regarding size, fabric, lining, quality, design, and thermal properties. That said, most online and high street curtain suppliers provide an extensive range of ready-made curtains at a lower cost.

How Do You Hang Your Net Curtains and Voiles?

Depending on your net curtain choice, you need to purchase either a wire or a rod. Your curtain provider will advise you and give you instructions.

Hanging voiles and net curtains is one of the DIY jobs most people can manage. And if you have trouble, talk to an expert or phone a friend with DIY skills.

Net Curtains Add Elegance and Style

Armed with all the above information, you are now ready to order your net curtains online. Whatever your choice of net curtains, hanging them in your kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces enhances the elegance of your surroundings. Colourful funky voiles provide an eclectic ambience, while delicate floral nets give a room finesse. Not only do net curtains make your room more beautiful, but they also give you privacy without obstructing the light streaming into your room.

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